Watch Maurio McCoy Skate LA in New Santa Cruz Video

The skater is as durable as the boards he rides

Santa Cruz may be an old-school hard goods brand, but they are still going strong in modern times. Skaters know how to adapt, and they’ve adapted by making videos by means of promotion for their wares. Stuff like the brand’s VX decks, which are known to be quite durable. Want proof? Check out Maurio McCoy, a Santa Cruz pro, in action on a board from the brand.

McCoy takes the board around Los Angeles, a great city for skating, to show off not just his deck but his skating skills. The video, which is from Santa Cruz’s Screaming Vlog series, claims right in the title that McCoy nails “perfect” kickflips. That’s a pretty bold claim. Can McCoy really land a perfect kickflip? Well, if you want to see for yourself, watch McCoy in action on Screaming Vlog right now.

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