Watch Louie Jones talk, and skate, for Palace’s latest edit

He’s got big plans and bigger moves

Skateboarding, Stonehenge, and literature. What do they all have to do with each other? They are all featured in this new video from Palace starring their longtime rider Louie Jones. This may be a hectic year for many, to put it mildly, but Jones seems fairly chill in this video, where he both chats about his plans and shows off his skating.

Jones pays a visit to a few different spots in the United Kingdom in the edit, including Stonehenge. No, he doesn’t grind the iconic collection of rocks, but it’s still a nice little visit for him. Jones also talks about how 2020 has gone for him, and also his plans for the future. Specifically, Jones is planning to write a book. Hey, we don’t have enough books from skaters. Maybe he can do something pretty cool with that. You know, if he can pull himself away from Stonehenge. Or his board. Watch the video above.

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