Watch Film Trucks Get Slap Happy in France

Or should we say Slappy Happy?

Every year, Film Trucks hold their Slappy Challenge. It’s a competition dedicated to skaters who like to keep things low to the ground. Folks who love to grind but don’t necessarily like to get air all over Europe come to partake in the Slappy Challenge. This year’s event happened over the weekend of September 18 and 19 in France. Curbs, ledges, stairs, they were all fodder for Film Truck’s event. Skaters such as Arthur Fontis, Flo Maillet, Bastian Marlin, and Arno Wagner were there among many others. If you missed the 2021 Slappy Challenge, don’t fret. All the madness and competition is now available to watch in video form. You can check out the recap of Jeremy Daclin’s companies ode to the slappy and find out who emerged as the leaders in the slappy revolution. Watch the video above. 

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