Watch Colin Kennedy’s Trippy Light-box Video

Louie Lopez and Monster Children help bring his concept to life…and to light

Who says a skating video can’t be art? It very much can be, especially in the hands of somebody like Colin Kennedy. Kennedy was not merely content to shoot Louis Lopez skating for Monster Children. Sure, that could have been cool. It would have probably been a lot of fun. Instead, we get something that goes beyond what 99 percent of filmers would do. It’s called Lightbox, and it’s a real trip.

The video makes use of projection mapping and lighting tricks to create a black-and-white feast for the senses. It’s like watching a German Expressionist film from the 1930s, but it’s a skate video from 2020. We don’t know if we’ve seen anything quite like this in the skateboarding realm. Honestly, we probably shouldn’t say anymore. You should check the video out for yourself. Watch Lightbox in all its heady glory in the video above. Oh, and the skateboarding is impressive too.

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