Watch a Profile of South African Skater Jean-Marc Johannes

He sits down for a meal and a discussion of his career

We must admit we were not aware of the YouTube channel “go somewhere SLOW” until just the other day. To be fair, it’s a channel dedicated to profiling people and institutions in South Africa, and they usually aren’t discussing skateboarding. When skateboarding comes across our desk, though, it piques our interest. Plus, South African skateboarding is not exactly a well-covered area. The skater in question is Jean-Marc Johannes, who sits down with Chef Judi from South Africa’s Pilcrow & Cleaver for a meal and a conversation. The video posits Johannes as an intellectual, analytical sort. That’s interesting given the broad stereotype of many skaters. Johannes has just turned 30, just turned pro, and just missed out on the Olympics. What’s next for him? What’s next for South African skateboarding? This is a rare chance to find out.

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