Watch a Documentary on San Diego’s Ties to Skateboarding History

It’s a deep dive into the So Cal city’s skating lore

Skateboarding first rose to prominence in Southern California. One of the first hubs for skating? That would be San Diego. For decades, many skaters have called San Diego home, and the city has been central to the evolution of skating. Without the work done in San Diego, skating wouldn’t be what it is today. Now, there is a documentary you can watch that delves into San Diego’s spot in the history of skating.

Skate SD: Building Skateboarding’s Future  was produced by 900 Films, Tony Hawk’s production company. It’s a feature-length documentary and all the key things in the evolution of skating that happened in San Diego. The whole thing is available to watch for free, and if you care about the history of skateboarding at all, it’s worth delving into it. You stay classy, San Diego.


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