Walker Ryan has Released his First Novel

A skater who writes books? How…novel of him

You’ve probably seen Walker Ryan on his board. He’s a well-respected skater who has been crushing it up in the Bay Area for years. However, there’s more to Ryan than just being good on a board. He’s a writer as well. In fact, the skater just published his first novel, and fittingly it’s set in the world of skateboarding.

The novel is called Top of Mason, and it’s set in the modern world of professional skateboarding in San Francisco. “All the characters are fictional, but it’s inspired by my love for San Francisco and my appreciation for the many unique individuals I’ve met through skateboarding,” Ryan said of the book. The novel, which is 271 pages long and therefore totally easy to tackle, is available through the Old Friends website. Perhaps the best thing is that one dollar from every book is being donated to Glide, an organization that offers meals and shelter services. Want to support a good cause and read a novel about skateboarding by an actual skateboarder? Then you really need to pick up Top of Mason.


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