Visit the Streets of Berlin at Night for Some Skateboarding Action

An American in Berlin and some skating fun

Do you remember Dose’s video where we spent a day with some skaters in Berlin? If not, you should watch it right now. OK, now that you’ve taken care of that, did you see a skater named Reston in the video? Well, we can answer that for you. Yes, you did. Reston has an interesting story, as he’s an American from Kansas who now lives in Berlin and skates. We had so much fun with him in that video that we decided to make another video with Reston. This time, instead of spending the day with him, we flipped the script and moved it to night.

That’s right, we’re skating at night in Berlin. Well, Reston is at least. A city is completely different when the sun goes down and the lights come on. The atmosphere is different, and personally we love that vibe for skating. We’re glad Reston was down for it as well. If you enjoyed our day out with skaters in Berlin, you definitely want to watch what the city has to offer at night, and you can do that right here.

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