Ville Wester For Palace Skateboards

Ville Off Polar and now skating for Palace

Palace has released a very short video on YouTube showing Copenhagen's own Ville Wester as he drops a few tricks for his welcoming section. The bigspin nose blunt was sick! This was for sure one of two bangers from the video because of course, the fakie pop switch nose manny he did was completely off its tits! It's easy to imagine just how fucked up and scary it would feel to throw yourself into a switch nose manual at that kind of speed.

But I guess they called it a pint after that biggie noseblunt and Ville got comfy in a good old, old English pub and was initiated with a glass of Carlsberg from the tap.
Jobs a goodn, welcome part done m8, safe.

Congratulations Ville! We're all looking forward to seeing what's to come.

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