Victor Cascarigny is Red Hot on His Board

Check out Morgan Jouquand’s new video Mars

If you are fast on your board, you can really get some kinetic energy going. In a scientific way, you are generating heat. Some skaters are so fast you can imagine flames shooting off the back of their boards. That level of heat doesn’t happen, of course, but the heat is clearly present in Morgan Jouquand’s video Mars. For the video, Jouquand follows skater Victor Cascarigny, a speedy skater if there ever was one, as he skates through Marseille, France. The video was filmed during a blazing-hot summer day, but that didn’t deter Cascarigny. His speed on the board just added to the heat around him on that Marseille day. Mars is the Roman god of war, and if they ever need a god of skating, maybe they can consider Cascarigny. Watch the video above.

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