VHS Introduces Us to Mutsunari Koyahata

We hope it isn’t the last time we see him

There are always new skaters and new names popping up. Or maybe they aren’t “new” in the literal sense, but they are new to most of us. Hey, it’s impossible to know every single skater before they breakthrough or get their first shine. We aren’t magic, but Mutsunari Koyahata might be. He’s on the Magical Mosh Misfits team, after all. He’s also being introduced to us here in a new video from Tokyo’s VHS Mag.

It’s a real Japanese affair through and through in this video, which we dig. We like getting a look into other skate landscapes, and VHS Mag is plugged into what’s going on in Japan. They really give Koyahata, also known as “Muts,” a real chance to shine. If you aren’t entirely on top with the skaters of Japan, this little intro video is a good place to start as any. All you have to do is give it a watch.

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