5 Vegan Skate Shoes That Won't Rob Your Whole Paycheck

Every vegan should know about these

Being vegan is piss easy these days, however, skating vegan still proves to be tough. Most skate shoes have leather somewhere in their uppers even if it’s just a swoosh or an edging. So we’ve done some scouting around to find some of the best vegan skate shoes that last long and won’t bust a nut in your wallet! 


First up, Straye is a dope brand, they have an extensive vegan range that covers you from slip-ons to high tops. 

What’s dope about these is that each shoe comes with removable insoles for extra shock-absorbing impact and high foxing so your ollies don’t wear them out straight away (foxing is the bit of rubber that joins the sole to the shoe - don’t worry, we had to google it too!).

Extra details as stated on their website include: 

  • 100% grippy AF rubber outsole
  • Most Comfortable Skate Shoes in the world
  • Will not kill your feet or your wallet

Our personal choice are the Venice Navy Flame High Tops because, well… they’re quite literally fire. 🔥


Etnies not only have a vegan range but they also have their ‘Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree’ system in place. So that’s just extra green points if you grab yourself a pair. We are obsessed with the Calli Vulc X Sheep silhouette which comes in pastel pink/white. 


  • Foam Lite 1 die-cut EVA footbed
  • Geo-Hex tread pattern
  • 400NBS rubber outsole compound


The emerald/white colorway covers both the Last Resort Hi and Lo Skate Shoes and let us tell you, they’re not our last resort. With a fresh logo on their front, these shoes look like they’d cost a lot more than they do. The Hi and Lo Skate Shoe also comes in navy/white and black/white


  • Higher foxing 
  • Vulcanized sole providing a great board feel and a consistent flick
  • Aimed at performance and offering you a great skateboarding experience


Recently a lot of big brands have started catering to the vegan community and it’s dope to see éS getting in on the game too.

We are really into the Silo SC silhouette in white/navy, it’s just the right amount of chunky to offer support yet still give a decent amount of movement.


  • High-quality breathable mesh
  • STI Energy Foam midsole for supreme comfort
  • 400 NBS rubber Double cup construction


Gotta stick with the classics when it comes to Vans - plain and simple. The Checkerboard Slip-Ons will forever hold a place in our hearts the same way Busted and Lil’Chris did (R.I.P) back in the early 2000’s. Now with their ComfyKush soles there is an extra element of comfort which will keep you skating from day til night.

  • First-class fit that feels like walking on a cloud
  • Co-molded construction of foam and rubber
  • Simplified one-piece interiors and added arch support provide an experience where comfort is vital

For so long the only vegan shoes available were really dull colors and boring designs - it’s like the world forgot that vegans wear half of the world’s craziest clothes. So we’ve been super stoked to see so many more options pop up. The cruelty free options that are becoming more and more accessible (and affordable!) are outdoing themselves, with many non-vegans making the switch purely for their longevity. Let's hope more brands will follow in these footsteps and bring out more dope skate shoes for us to try out and wear out 🖖