Vans Takes a Look at Female Skaters in China

It’s a scene on the rise

You may know about your local skate scene, but there are skateboarder all across this globe, and the sport/hobby/art is on the rise in some spots. Take, for example, Shenzen, China. Skating is grabbing a foothold there, but what makes it particularly interesting is that its female skaters who are coming together to form their scene. It’s the subject of Vans’ new documentary short, The Story of 66.

‘66’ is the moniker of one of the women at the forefront of the scene in Shenzen. In addition to being a photographer – always a good person to have around for a skateboarding scene – she co-owns local brand Mirroir and teaches skate classes, which only lets the scene grow further. Not to get overly political, but China has not always had the best reputation regarding female citizens, a lot of which stems from the “One Child Policy” it implemented once upon a time. We’re ardent supporters of equality in all walks of life, including skateboarding, so anytime we see a scene that is not just supportive of but driven by, female skaters it’s pretty awesome. Check out Vans’ documentary above.

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