Vans Releases Their Tony Alva Documentary

And you can watch it with a bonus Q&A right now!

Tony Alva is a true skating legend. He’s 63 now, but he hasn’t lost his edge. Alva is one of the original stars of skateboarding, back when it was still entirely an underground phenomenon. As skating was emerging into the popular consciousness, Alva was at its forefront, even if he wasn’t always the poster boy you’d want if you were trying to pitch a new trend. Hey, he didn’t set out to be. The dude just wanted to skate, and then the world evolved around him.

A documentary about Alva is, frankly, something that should have happened years ago. Well now it finally has. Vans, legends in skating in their own right, have released The Tony Alva Story, a documentary that you can watch right now. Even better, it’s easy to watch. The doc is available on Vans’ YouTube channel. Right now, there’s even more to enjoy when you watch The Tony Alva Story. The YouTube video has an intro from Christian Hosoi, and then Hosoi returns after the documentary is over for a post-film Q&A featuring Alva himself. If you care about the early days of skateboarding, you need to watch The Tony Alva Story right now.

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