Vans Introducing The Zahba

Enhancing the everyday skate shoe

As an everyday skater, you go through a pair of sneakers every few months. Every time you land on your board, ground, or even a rail or two, you poke a hole, or even the traction goes. We'd like to tell you that Vans is creating a new line of skate shoes designed to prevent wear and tear on a skate shoe. On February 22, 2023, Vans will have a highly limited release of the all-new Zahba shoe.

This new Vans sneaker will introduce a striking color pattern while introducing new shoe technology to help you skate. For example, the shoe introduces something called Impact Waffle™, which helps with impact, and something called SickStick™, which helps with grip. Besides helping the skate life, this shoe is also helping the planet since at least 30% of the shoe is made up of recycled materials. The shoe will be available from February 22 via and selected retailers.

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