Tyson Bowerbank Grips It and Rips It

Check out the latest video from Mob Grip

Griptape is one of those things you don’t think about until you need it, or until it doesn’t serve you well. Mob Grip knows that tape may not be top of mind, so maybe that’s why they like to put videos out there to remind you that, oh yeah, you need good griptape. Or maybe they just like showing off impressive amateur skaters like Tyson Bowerbank. Bowerbank is at the forefront in the brand’s latest Grip It & Rip It video. He gets some big air and makes uses of some of the object that happen to be around in the city. Oh, and he gives his griptape a workout, naturally. Watch Bowerbank rip it up above.

Did we just remind you that you need some more griptape? Check out what Mob Grip has to offer.

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