Emerica X Creatures' Green & Yellow Soles Collection

Gear to unleash your inner monster

If you're looking for some wicked gear to spice up your skate game, look no further than the Emerica x Creature collab.

This undead duo brings you some killer designs from Sam Hitz, along with a sick range of shoes and clothes. Whether you want to rock the Provost G6, the Wino G6 Slip-On, the Omen Hi, or the Low Vulc, you'll be sure to turn heads with the green & yellow soles. Don't miss out on this rad collection, available now at your nearest skate shop.

The shoes range from $75 to $85, depending on the model and size. The clothing items vary from $20 to $80, depending on the type and design. You can find the exact prices and availability of each item on the Emerica website or on other online skate shops. 

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