10 Tricks which were hated on but are now ‘Cool’

People are starting to make these ugly tricks look good

In this article, we look at some of the most hated tricks within the skateboarding community. However, it seems they have been given a second chance, and people are starting to make these ugly tricks look good. If you're a fan of mosher tricks, perhaps your fortunes have taken a turn, and your video part is now set to shine!

Let's start things off with the classic and maybe most hated trick of all:



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As much as varial kickflips were a prime trick back when street skating first took off. They soon became known as a cringe trick and became hated on.

However, they are widely respected nowadays, and you tend to see at least one in any up-to-date video part.

There's something about seeing them done with baggy pants that makes the trick look way better.



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Hauling ass up to a spot with both feet towards the nose and your toes pointing north… Usually not cool.

However, when @ooohhhyyyeeeaaahhh does it, he makes it look more than cool. While hitting spots that are not easy in normal stance, he's not only killing it, but somehow he manages to sneak in a hang 10 trick almost every time in his clips.



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This one isn't even allowed in a Game Of Skate normally, so that says something. Still, to this day, no-complys are hated on by the fair few, yet they are extremely popular amongst the thousands of video parts that are online. Many of them consist of at least one, two, or even three no comply's in a part.

Sometimes there are even lines with two back to back. Yet we all agree it shows how much control that person has on a board when they spill out a bunch of no-comply variations. They do look good when you're not expecting them, and it makes you want to learn them for yourself. Very popular when added into lines or even to start or end one.



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These days, people tend to learn this one before they even know how to pop shuv or front 180. But if you are familiar with Justin, you'll know he took the time to master this trick, just as the clip shows you. While making the board rotate a kickflip (or when you catch the board in Justin's case), you spin a body varial in there as well so that you land switch.

Hence the name 'Sex Change.' Quite a funny name for the motion of the trick when you think about it!



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Whether it's because people are confused if this is classed as indecent exposure or not, I'm not sure... But there aren't many people out there that are putting down their Willys on a ledge or rail. It's pretty rare to see even in videos.

All jokes aside, a willy grind is a very displeasing trick to see. And yes, even if it was switch.



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Most late tricks look like you're falling or stumbling in mid-air, they are fucked, and maybe that's coming from jealousy of not being able to understand or even get close to landing late flips. But still, they are sore on the eyes, and nine times out of ten, it's sloppy looking. Mad skills, though.



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Before Lizard King started throwing them down big stairs and gaps, they were rare, maybe even frowned upon. But when done right, this trick can look stylish as fuck. And again, this is a very regular trick to see in a contest or video section nowadays.



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The pressure flip is not really considered a hated trick as long as there is a variation of some sort thrown in there, but straight pressure heelflips or kickflips are still and will always look shitty; it's extremely hard to do this trick and not rocket the hell out of it. So that is mainly why it's considered a disgusting-looking trick.



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Performing a Caveman will only look good if it's into a crazy bank drop or onto a heavy handrail, but then why would you take a caveman to that kind of level anyway? It's such a big risk for little payoff that is a major contributing factor as to why someone would have a caveman in their video part.



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Still do this day, the darkslide has been a bit of an underground trick, and not many people care to do them or even start to learn; first of all, learning this trick will rip your grip tape to shreds, its annoying enough when you bail a flip trick into a rail or ledge. You catch the board grip tape down, leaving a huge scar there; now, when you do it intentionally, it only takes one day of doing this trick before you have the ugliest-looking grip tape on the planet.


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