Top Five: What are Santa Cruz’s Most-Popular Videos?

Let’s find out!

Santa Cruz Skateboards has been around for 50 years. This, of course, predates YouTube, or the internet for that matter. Like most skateboard goods brands, Santa Cruz has a presence on YouTube, putting out videos with a pretty high frequency, all things considered. Some, of course, grab bigger audiences than most. Fortunately, it’s easy to find the most popular videos for a YouTube page. So what are the top five videos, in terms of views, for Santa Cruz?

It’s an interesting mix! Three of them have hit one million views. The oldest video is from six years ago, and it’s a totally different thing as it’s about a guy trying to set a speed record on a board. The most recent video is from only four months ago. We have a searing documentary about Jereme Knibbs, and also a Henry Gartland video. And yet, none of those are the top video? What is? Here are the top five:


Number Five:


Number Four:


Number Three:


Number Two:


Number One:

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