Tony Manfre Talks Skating and Making Music

Rare is the person who can soundtrack their own skate videos

You know what can really take a skateboarding edit to the next level? A killer soundtrack, of course. Most skate videos are only long enough for one song, so that tune can make or break the experience. Tony Manfre knows that better than most. He’s not just a skater, but also a music producer. If you haven’t seen him in action on his board, you’ve probably heard his music in action in a video. In fact, Manfre created the song used for Jereme Knibbs part in Santa Cruz’s recent full-length Til the End Vol. 5. Because of that, Santa Cruz paid a visit to Manfre’s home, and specifically his home studio. There, while showing us around, Manfre talks both his skateboarding and his music career. It’s an interesting chat, and Manfre is an interesting dude. How many people can soundtrack their own skate parts? Give the video a watch right here.

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