Tommy Hilfiger Partners With London-based Illustrator Stevie Gee

Tommy’s Drop Shop spotlights creators from all areas of the pop culture

Tommy Hilfiger announces the third Tommy’s Drop Shop release, a limited edition micro-capsule co-designed with London-based director, designer and illustrator, Stevie Gee. Tommy’s Drop Shop aims to encourage the continual discovery of creatives, their communities and artistic talents. 

In his Tommy’s Drop Shop designs, Stevie Gee channels his whimsically creative imagination. With a passion for animation, movement, music 
and dancing, Gee is constantly finding new ways to exude energy and motion through his graphics. Stevie Gee's co-designed range of short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts and hoodie features psychedelic cartoon drawings spanning the blue to purple color spectrum.

DROP 3 also sees a shirtless, muscular cartoon character, as well as a wilting flower in a flowerpot with a melting face – one of Stevie Gee’s signature references. Additional graphics featured throughout the collection include a reimagined surrealist cartoon TOMMY JEANS flag, the yin and yang symbol and groovy, 3D fonts. 

Each DROP offers gender-neutral hoodies and T-shirts available in limited-edition quantities and made from organic and recycled materials, building on the brand’s mission to create fashion that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All. 

With less than 250 units per style, DROP 3 will be available in Europe exclusively on from today May 6, 2021.


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