Titus Destroy The Spot 2023 - Hotel New York Rotterdam

One of the most unique skate spots in The Netherlands

Loads of excited riders were at the ready last weekend for the first "Titus Destroy the Spot" event of the year, this time the guys over at Flatspot Mag took over the iconic Hotel - New York in Rotterdam.



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It’s here where skaters from all over got geared up to unleash their best tricks for the chance to win tons of prizes along with a €1000 prize purse. The skaters that got involved were from all over the country and were certainly hungry for cash for tricks.

Here you can go ahead, get comfy with a fresh cuppa and watch the event to see the madness that unfolded at the Titus Destroy The Spot 2023 contest.

Video courtesy of Flatspot Mag, filmed & edited by Tim Koster.
Hosted by Jason Lijnzaat.



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