Tiago Lemos Skates Norway For Independent

Lemos keeps on truckin’

Tiago Lemos is for Brazil, but he’s a man with a continental outlook. If we were to say to you that Lemos is in a new video for Independent, where would you think it was filmed? Nope, not Brazil. In fact, he’s not even in South America. Instead, Lemos takes Independent’s new trucks for a spin in Norway. While Norway is surely lovely, when it comes to winter we’d definitely rather be in Brazil.

Speaking of Indy’s trucks, the point of this video is to show off the new MiDs, which are so durable that Independent guarantees them for life. These trucks are also supposed to help you with your turning and your grindage. Lemos throws some MiDs on his board and hits up some skate spots in Norway to show off how they work. Granted, you can’t get a great sense of durability in one video. You can see some awesome skate moves, though. And you can see them, thanks to Independent, above.

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