The Post-Olympic Look

Streetwear has been stealing our look for decades

Skateboarding has had some out-there looks, from the shoelace belts that could be mistaken for a thong to the tiny wheel/super baggy pants combo in the ’90s.

With our first Olympics coming up this is going to be one of the first times that we’ll see uniformed skateboarding and it’s, well, weird.

You could always get a good idea of a skaters scene and their style from their gear - if they’re wearing black skinnies and leather jackets they probably want to throw themselves down obscene handrails.

The guys in the camo cargo pants with their oversized tees were more likely to do some sort of ridiculous flip in and out manny combo.

Now though, it’s time for skateboarding to “legitimize”, funny really - since streetwear has been stealing our look for decades.

The Olympics will feature all the biggest names with the commercial superstar Nyjah Houston heading the Men’s Street team for the US.


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No matter how you feel about the 26-year-old it’s pretty clear that all eyes will be on him, and because of that, he will be at the forefront of skateboarding’s ‘Olympic look’.

And besides the loss of his dreads when he came back from his hiatus as well as a whole lot of tattoos and some band changes over the years - Nyjah’s style has remained fairly consistent.


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From his short-shorts and high socks to his clean white top’s Houston has repped all the biggest brands in skateboarding, from Nike and DC to the short-lived Asphalt Yacht Club and his very own brand; Disorder.

So with Nyjah Houston - as well as the other competitors - in the biggest spotlight that skateboarding has ever seen, what will the sport look like after our Tokyo Games debut?


We’ll be seeing a lot of Olympic merch over the next few years, and why not? If your favourite skater competed in the games you can show off your support with their jersey.

It will be very strange at first, tops that embody national pride and sporting excellence - but hey, we pulled off 3xl polo shirts in the early noughties, so we’ll find a way to make these jerseys our own too.

Big Brands

With our new, slightly rugged, kid on the block reputation the big brands like Nike and Adidas will be ramping up their skateboarding programs.

Those who watch the games will see these big brands at the forefront of skateboarding and will be synonymous with the post-Olympic look.

Expect to see a whole lot of Janoskis and big brand track pants at the skateparks over the next few years.

Core Brands

Brands come and go but the biggest one will remain forever. And those attracted to the sport won’t have to look far to find the Zero gear and the Volcom clothing.

Skateboarding has fended for itself and as a result, we offer a bit of everything from shoes to sunglasses to men’s boxer briefs. Those in the community have covered everything and done it all.

This is far from the end of skateboarding’s individuality, in fact, it’s an opportunity. If anyone is going to find out how to make Olympic kits unique it’s skateboarders.

And with all of these eyes on the sports, hundreds of thousands will look deeper into our diverse and unique culture that champions those who dare to be different.

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