The Plan B Team Takes a Trip to a Skatepark in Rialto

Your Plan A should be to watch this video

There are so many top-notch skateparks in California that unless you dedicate your entire life to hitting them all up you never will. Of course, there are plenty of pro skaters who are trying to do just that. Some skateboarders from the Plan B team recently went on a sojourn to a skatepark in Rialto, California, and lucky for us they decided to bring a camera and somebody to film it.

Plan B’s “Park Check” takes place at the Fergusson Skatepark in Rialto, which is maybe not the first stop many people think of. This video may change that. Felipe Gustavo may be the draw for many of you, but there are plenty of talented skaters who took the trip to Fergusson. We’re talking Trevor McClung, Chris Joslin, Sean Sheffey, and a new addition to the Plan B team Shay Sandiford. Of course, much like New York City in many a movie, Fergusson is almost like another character. Check out the park, and Plan B’s video, above.

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