North Face Are Auctioning Their Vintage Garments At Discounted Prices

North Face Are Auctioning Their Vintage Garments At Discounted Prices

Money earned will be donated to the North Face Explore Fund

The iconic brand, The North Face, have launched their new upcycled collection as a part of their new initiative promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. The collection dubbed, The North Face Renewed, includes a number of vintage items that have been repaired and are now being sold at discounted prices for fans. 

The North Face are also auctioning four of their iconic, refurbished, designer pieces. To own a part of The North Face history customers can bid on their official website. Besides the auction, fans of the brand can also shop from other collections. The brand has stocked a range of sizes and are also selling refurbished kids' clothing. All proceeds from the auction and shop will be donated to The North Face Explore Fund whose mission is to build a community, and connect people from all walks of life to benefit environmental, non-profit organizations. The items have been renewed by designers invited by The North Face residency. The designers also attended bi-annual workshops in which they learned about circular designs and creative repairs, highlighting the importance of fixing damaged clothing rather than throwing them out. 

To contribute and be part of the initiative head over to The North Face official website, and check out all the vintage garments they have on offer.   


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