The Most Popular X Games Video on YouTube

It’s not Tony Hawk’s 900!

The X Games got a lot of people into skateboarding in the ‘90s. It’s still going, and these days you can check out full replays of events. There’s already been two X Games in 2023, with plenty of skating action. It has a popular YouTube page, with many videos racking up millions of views. What’s the top video, though?



Interestingly, motocross videos are quite popular in the X Games catalog. Notably, three of the top five videos, including the top video, are motocross. The other two videos are skateboarding, though. Now, when you think “X Games” and “skateboarding” and “popular,” your first thought might be iconic, defining X Games moment, Tony Hawk’s 900. That video…comes in fifth. Sure, 7.4 million people have viewed it, but it’s only number two in terms of popularity when it comes to skating videos. The top video is Nyjah Huston and Chris Cole in a game of SKATE. A quarterfinals game of SKATE at that. Why has this video racked up 9.6 million views? It’s hard to be sure, but you can watch it and see what the fuss is all about.

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