The Hyphenate Launches “Doubt Me Skate”

From working with The Berrics to competing with The Berrics

"Time to move on and focus on the next moves with more positive energy."

If you're still not familiar with the whole Berrics and The Hyphenate situation, then there's a lot for you to catch up on, there's a ton of back and forth between the two about how there were or weren't any dodgy deals going on under the table and how The Hyphenate essentially got screwed. Certain things that have been said that can't be undone, claims made from The Hyphenate, as well as false promises made from Berra, eventually leading to bonds being broken.

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The Hyphenate (a music producer, influencer, and businessman) has concluded that he will take the leap and start his own channel purely aiming for skate content, attempting to give The Berrics some competition after deciding to go down his own path after being dissed.

He published his "I Love Skateboarding" music video, the Paul Rodriguez interview, and his first video part on his newly launched YouTube channel, "Doubt Me Skate."
From this moment, it is unclear how things will pan out for him and if The Berrics/Berra will or will not suffer for the initial claims against them.


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