The Dern Brothers Have Done Some Home Renovation

And it makes for a dope backyard skate ramp

A lot of people have been doing home improvement projects in 2020. There’s only so much sourdough you can bake, after all. Skaters are no different. Dalton and Kanaan Dern have made names for themselves in 2020, and recently they made the move from their native Florida all the way across the United States to settle in California. How do you make your new house feel like a home? With a skate ramp in your backyard, of course.

This video comes from Skatelite, who provided some of their material for the ramp. Some people beat decks, but you know that the Derns are more the ramp types. It’s not epic, but it’s a starting point. Plus, you don’t want to be rankling your new neighbors if you are the Dern brothers, right? It’s a place to skate in the comfort of your own backyard. What more could you want? Thinking of sprucing up your own backyard? Maybe watch this video for some ideas.

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