The Dark Side Of Sheckler - Life Of Ryan

When a dream turns into a nightmare

If you are a 90's kid and you were into music, skateboarding and irreverent cartoons, you probably spent a while watching MTV stuff, and if you did, you surely remember ''Life Of Ryan''.

The series was run for three seasons and thousands of kids on the planet had the opportunity to go deep into the pro skateboarder's golden lifestyle. Sure, winning the X-Games at 14 and becoming a world star is every skater kid's dream. However, it seems like there are also the negative consequences that come with being successful at such a young age.

In this episode of ''In Depth With Graham Besinger'' Ryan puts some light on the dark side of things, explaining how he ended up traumatized by the experience to the point of not being able to be into a relationship until he turned 25. Breakups, parent's divorce, acting... all of that was filmed and broadcasted. Wanna know more? Check the video interview above and pay attention to Sheckler's story, you might feel happy to be where you are!

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