The Blood Wizard Team Takes a Trip to Chino

And no skatepark is safe

While skate spots can be found in all walks of life, there is something about a quality skatepark that is always nice. Spaces designed for skating offer up a lot of positives, especially in areas where safe places to skate can be hard to come by. The Blood Wizard team is clearly fans of a quality skatepark. After all, they have their own series Park Dwellers built around that.


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For the latest Park Dwellers, the crew are in Chino, California. This is a massive skatepark, complete with bowls and obstacles you might not find at every skatepark. The team of Tristan Rennie, Chris Gregson, Christian Holt and Matt Mishell make the most of every inch, naturally. We bet the Blood Wizard crew would live at the skatepark if they could.


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