Take a Look into the Senegalese Skateboarding Scene

It’s a community on the grow in the lead up to the Youth Olympics

Skateboarding is global. That’s no shock to hear. You can rattle off a list of great skaters from the United States, Europe, South America, Japan, and more places. However, in Africa, you can find burgeoning groups of skaters as well. In 2026, Dakar, Senegal is hosting the Youth Olympics. Now, the Youth Olympics aren’t exactly a notable event, but there is something notable happening here. The 2020 Olympics were the first to feature skateboarding, and that means skateboarding is coming to Dakar in 2026. In the lead up to that event, the Olympics website profiles the skateboarding scene in Senegal.



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The crux of the piece is an interview with Jonathan Riven, a 24-year-old skater from Dakar. He talks about finding skateboarding, what it has meant for him, and also how skateboarding is growing in Senegal. Now, things are still far from perfect for skaters. In fact, the first skate park in the country is still under construction. In time, though, skaters in Senegal will have their own park to enjoy, and skateboarding’s growth across Africa is something that is truly exciting. Read the article right here.

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