Supreme Drops Their New Full-Length Stallion

It’s magic in Milan

Supreme just opened its first store in Milan, Italy. That’s the place to be for a fashion-forward company like Supreme. They are at the forefront of style when it comes to skateboarding. If any skateboarding-related brand was going to have a store in Milan, it’s them. However, let’s not forget about the skating, though. In conjunction with the Milan store opening Supreme has also released a new full-length. Stallion is 25 minutes of Supreme’s skating squad taking it to the streets of Milan. That is a city with a lot of beauty, but it’s not as well-trod territory when it comes to skating. You might see a few spots that are new to you. Tyshawn Jones and the rest of the Supreme team kills it in Stallion, which was primarily filmed by Bill Strobeck, and you can see for yourself by checking out the full-length in the above video.

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