Street League Skateboarding is Back for Another “Unsanctioned” Event

You can’t keep SLS down

Last year was rough for skateboarding competitions, and Street League Skateboarding was no different. They had to cancel their 2020 tour plans due to the pandemic, which really sucked because it was all supposed to lead up to the 2020 Summer Olympics, which of course got postponed as well. However, SLS didn’t just sit around, though. Instead, they held an “unsanctioned” event with some safety regulations and no fans, but a lot of great skating. While we will hopefully see some live events in 2021, Street League Skateboarding has decided to give us another event like last year’s. With some help from Monster Energy, SLS has brought us Unsanctioned 2, another competition away from the typical rules of Street League Skateboarding. From Volcom’s park we get 10 of the best skateboarders in the world going head-to-head. Who will the judges declare the winner? Tune into Unsanctioned 2 and find out.

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