StrangeLove Puts Out New Full Length

Minneapolis gets some love, strange or otherwise

StrangeLove, the brand owned by Sean Cliver, just put out its first team edit in quite some time. Maybe they were too busy taking in the sights and the sounds of the spot they visited for the video. The edit is called Purple Reign: The Afterworld, and that might give you a hint of where they went. That’s right, it’s Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city is forever associated with Prince, a man who loved the color purple as much as the Minnesota Vikings. StrangeLove team members including Connor Gasch, Max Murphy, and Ben Narloch took on the city and paid homage to its late favorite son. We bet St. Paul is so jealous right now. Watch Purple Reign: The Afterworld right here.

OK, so the Dose store doesn’t have anything in purple…yet. Still, we have a variety of colors for our merch you can buy right now.

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