Snow Can’t Stop Madars Apse

The dude is dedicated to his craft

Madars Apse shows up in skate videos from time to time, usually when something out there is happening. The Latvian legend is willing to do some oddball things, and it seems to come from an authentic place. They say the proof is in the pudding, and on that front we have a video that Apse himself has uploaded into the world. Apse is currently in Latvia, Liepaja to be specific, and the weather there isn’t exactly great for skating. With snow and ice on the ground, Apse is out of luck…right. Wrong! Janus Dunkurs shot a video starring Apse and his friends Edgars Kalns and Edgars Rodins which was apparently for a food delivery service in Latvia. All we know is that Apse is out there skating through the show. The weather seems rough, but Apse’s enthusiasm warms the cockles of our heart. Like a food service, Apse delivers. Give the video a watch above.

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