Skateistan ‘Back on Board’ Campaign to Support Students after Covid-19

Skate NGO’s new campaign focuses on the importance of connections and community

Skateistan launched a new campaign to support students following more than a year of lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions. The campaign, called ‘Back on Board’ focuses on the importance of connections and community within Skateistan’s Skate Schools and will help children to rebuild mental wellbeing as well as their skateboarding skills. 

Back on Board aims to raise $125,000 over the next six weeks, which will contribute to Skateistan's unique mix of skateboarding and creative education programming. The organization provides skateboarding and creative education classes, as well as mental health support for children and life skills. 

Each of Skateistan’s four Skate Schools had to close in March 2020 and reopening has been staggered, according to local regulations. During lockdowns, Skateistan’s teams in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa pivoted to provide remote programs. These included online lessons, activity packs and support calls, as well as providing food and hygiene supplies. 

The campaign will focus on four Skateistan students and their experiences of Covid-19 and the lockdowns. It kicks off today with a short video which features Lesedi, a 12 year old boy in Johannesburg who is celebrating being back at the Skate School with his friends. The campaign also features a ‘Story of 2020’ video which explains the different approaches Skateistan teams took to meet the needs of students during lockdowns. 

Skateistan’s Founder and Executive Director, Oliver Percovich said, “The pandemic has been a huge challenge for our staff and students. For many kids, Skateistan really is the only place where they feel safe, so it was incredibly hard to have to close the Skate School doors during the lockdowns. I’m proud of the teams for all the work they did to keep reaching out to children who need us during the hardest of times. Now we are focused on the future; we want to help children to re-establish their connections and celebrate the importance of community as we all try to rebuild after Covid.”
 You can support Skateistan students as they return to Skate School by giving to the ‘Back on Board’ campaign here

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