There Was a Skateboarding Superhero

And he was goofy as hell

We all have our random web searches now and again. A notion pops into our head, and a few strokes of the keyboard later, you’re down a rabbit hole. For example, I searched “skateboarding superhero.” Sure, the Silver Surfer surfed the cosmos, but was there some skateboarder out there in the superhero realm? Indeed there is, and his name is Night Thrasher.


With a name like Night Thrasher, you probably won’t be surprised he was created in 1989. However, Night Thrasher is not from some obscure indie comic publisher. He’s a Marvel character! Night Thrasher debuted in a Thor comic, but he’s not some alien.



He’s basically Batman meets The Punisher meets the ‘80s idea of ninjas and skateboarding.
In short, Night Thrasher is a teenage vigilante who is good at martial arts and of course, he’s an excellent hacker and sure he has a skateboard as well because why not? Because superheroes who are bad characters are often oversaturated with weapons and skills, the skateboard has a retractable razorblade in it.



Night Thrasher was around for a minute and even popped up in the Marvel Comics “Civil War” story. It seems like he’s sort of disappeared from the comics, but one thing is true. If you search “skateboarding superhero,” Night Thrasher pops up right away. 

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