Sign a Petition to Save the Blackwell DIY

The iconic Oregon skate spot needs your help

If you are in Southern Oregon and you are a skateboarding enthusiast, you might make your way to the Blackwell DIY spot. The skateboarding hotbed was built by local skaters in a covered bike path. Having that roof is nice during the times when it is raining in the Pacific Northwest. We hear that happens on occasion. However, since the people who built the Blackwell DIY did it without the go-ahead from the local government, it’s in danger of being torn down.

The hope is that they can legitimize it and work alongside the government to keep the DIY alive, but that means injury liability issues. To try and prove the value of the spot to the officials who will make the final decision on whether or not the Blackwell DIY remains, a petition has been filed online. You can sign the petition here to add your name to the list of people supporting a beloved skate spot. Keep DIY alive!