7 Things That Only Skaters Understand

Skater Problems 101

Skaters, we're a breed of our own. We ride the concrete waves, shred the streets, and flip our boards like nobody's business. But let's be real, there are some things that only we can truly comprehend. This article dives into those skater problems that are as unique as a sick trick.

Pavement Predator Pains

You know that feeling, when you're cruising down the sidewalk, and suddenly, a pebble appears out of nowhere? Next thing you know, you're eating concrete and your pride takes a major hit. It's like the universe is testing your balance and laughing its cosmic butt off. 

Pop or Flop

Ah, the eternal struggle of keeping your skateboard's pop alive. We all know the despair of landing a sick ollie and then realizing your deck has lost its snap. It's like skating with a soggy noodle. So we tighten those trucks and pray for a magical resurrection of pop. Please, skate gods, grant us the power of the crispy tail!

Shoegasm Woes

Every skater knows the pain of wearing out shoes faster than a set of bearings. Those grippy flicking sessions and footbrake powerslides take a toll on our kicks, leaving them shredded and begging for mercy. It's like our shoes are in a secret competition to see who can have the gnarliest holes. Hey, at least it's a testament to our sick moves, right?

Board Borrowers and Butterfingers

You're at the skatepark, ready to drop in and crush some tricks. But suddenly, everyone and their grandma wants to borrow your board. It's like you're a mobile rental service, and your prized possession is the hottest commodity in town. And don't even get me started on those butterfingers who drop your board mid-air. It's a skater's nightmare. Protect your deck like it's your own child.

Wheelbite Woes

Ah, the bane of every skater's existence. Just when you think you've mastered a sick carve, that dreaded wheelbite strikes. Your wheels lock up, and you go flying like a majestic seagull crashing into a lamppost. It's the price we pay for the pursuit of gnarliness. So be prepared.

Rainy Day Blues

Mother Nature can be a real buzzkill when she decides to unleash her watery wrath. Rainy days are the ultimate skateboarding cockblock. We stare out the window, dreaming of shredding, but all we can do is watch reruns of skate videos and shed a single tear. Remember, though, every rainy day makes us appreciate those sunny sessions even more.

Instagram Insanity

Ah, the pressure to capture every epic trick and post it on the 'gram. Skaters understand the struggle of filming that perfect line, only to watch it back and see your face contorted in the weirdest expression imaginable. And let's not forget those never-ending debates about which filter makes our tricks look the raddest. In the quest for likes, we'll do whatever it takes, even if it means snapping our phones in half during a bail. #SkateLife, right?

So, let's take a moment to appreciate these skater problems that only we truly understand. Embrace the battle scars, because they're proof of our commitment to the skateboarding game. 

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