See the sights of Philadelphia with Jahmir Brown

Yes, skateboarding is involved

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s the city where sports fans booed Santa Claus and a hitchhiking robot was beaten up until it fell into disrepair. No wonder Will Smith wanted to head to Bel-Air! However, there are good things about Philly, even if you aren’t a cheesesteak fan. Take, for example, Philly-based skater Jahmir Brown.

Brown is showcased in this new video from Mob Grip, who sponsors the Philadelphian skater. For the occasion, they spent the day with Brown as he went around Philadelphia, showing us some spots to hang, and to skate of course. Not a single robot was beaten up in the making of this video, which is nice. Brown makes for quite the tour guide as well. We’d be down to grab a hoagie or some water ice with him any day! Enjoy the video.

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