Santa Cruz Unveils Collaboration with Stranger Things

The hit Netflix show now has its own board

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? You don’t have to remember the ‘80s to do so. It’s a super popular mix of horror, sci-fi, and nostalgia and we’re all in on Eleven and the crew. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, Santa Cruz has some great news for you. There is going to be a collaboration collection between the brand and the show hitting the world in 2022. We’re getting a quick look at one of the offerings in this video from Santa Cruz, which shows off the Stranger Things Roskopp Demogorgon board. If you have seen Stranger Things, you know all about the Demogorgon. It makes for a killer, spooky look for a deck. We bet a lot of people won’t bother riding this board but just keep it around as a work of art. See the board in detail, and in action, right here. 

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