Sammy Montano Puts the Globe Surplus to the Test

Barcelona gets a chance to put the shoe through its paces

When you are in the market for a skate shoe, you want to know how they will hold up to the rigors of skating. Also, if they look cool while you’re on your board that’s even better. There’s a reason why most skate shoe companies make videos to highlight their new releases. It’s a chance to see the shoes in action. Globe doesn’t just make videos for their new shoes, though. They announce their intentions with videos that have, well, a global perspective.

Take for example this video for the new Globe Surplus. The company gave Sammy Montano a pair of the shoes to take for a test ride, and he did just that. However, he did it in Barcelona. The Spanish city is one of the top spots in Europe for skaters, so a lot of people are probably going to be wearing Globe’s designs in the city. Montano puts the Surplus to the test, and luckily for us he did it in a way that’s fun to watch. It’s a lot more fun than testing shoes in some lab or something. Give us Barcelona any day. Check out Montano, and Globe’s new design, in action right here.

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