We Visit Sam Bruce to Kick Off a New Video Series

We’re definitely on board with Bruce

Skateboarding is for everybody. That’s something we take seriously at Dose, and as you can probably tell we aren’t always the most serious people. You may have checked out our new video featuring Logan Catt from today, but guess what? We have two new original Dose videos dropping on a Monday. What a day to be alive! We’re super stoked for this video, because it’s starting a new series for us, and this is a killer intro video if we do say so ourselves.

The new series is called On Board, and it’s focusing on female and LGBTQ+ skaters in London. Because we want everybody in the skating world to get their fair shake. First up is Sam Bruce, who, as her Instagram bio says, is a “TV presenter and Stunt woman in training.” We spent a lot of time with Bruce in this video, and not just watching her skate. It’s a peak into her life, which includes more martial arts than a lot of people. Bruce was a fun person to showcase for On Board, and we think it’s a great way to start our new series here at Dose. Thanks to everybody involved in the video. Although, the best way to thank them is to actually watch it. And maybe check out some other Dose videos while you’re at it?

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