Ryuhei Kitazume Meet You There

Ryuhei Kitazume has a new Part out

Firstly it has to be mentioned, STYLE MATTERS. And that switch manny down the MACBA 3 block was dope as fuck! That seems like a new way to take on the three block, and it could open up a gateway to more creative manny combos down the significant drop. It's always more interesting to see such a famous spot get killed in such a unique way. It sets you apart from what everybody else is doing and shows creativity. He has a recognizable Toan Nygern-like style from back in the Shorty's Guilty era, which is almost nostalgic to watch even though it's all fresh.

As Ryuhei's part gets into the 1-minute mark, he has our full attention as every trick he puts down is just too good to miss. Everything from spots, and trick selection to style, he kills it in all aspects. So do not miss this one; check out his incredible part above.

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