Ryan Sheckler’s ‘My War’

Thrashers latest ‘My War’ features Ryan Sheckler’s huge frontside flip

After three trips to the spot, two broken bungees, 100-degree heat and even a torn ACL, Sheckler did not admit defeat and after his third battle, he stomped the monstrous frontside flip. After his victorious roll-away, he still lost some blood when committing to a huge ollie coming back the other way. Legend!

The frontside flip that he made was flawless too! Sheckler shone bright in his latest part and this ‘My War’ episode just goes to show how much energy that was put into making one of the most heavy tricks come to life. Now that Ryan Sheckler is back with a bang! It’s clear, that he shows no signs of slowing down even though he has no pressure, he’s going for it and putting down heavy tricks just because he wants to. Congratulations Sheckler, you're killing it!

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