Ryan Sheckler Gets in on the Solus Fun

Hey, he was nice enough to be the host

This year marks the second-annual Solus skateboarding competition from Red Bull. Last year this event was conjured up to keep the competition world afloat in the midst of lockdowns and quarantines. Skaters were invited to Ryan Sheckler’s personal private skatepark and given time to try and put together their best run in order to win. It proved successful, and pretty awesome, which led to a second edition back at Sheckler’s park. This year, the collection of skaters is truly impressive. Among them? That would be Sheckler himself. Yes, he’s not merely playing host this year. Sheckler has thrown his hat in the ring to try and win Solus. Does he have a home-park advantage? Perhaps, but that doesn’t guarantee a win. Watch Sheckler’s run above and then decide if you think he had what it takes to take home the title.

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