Watch Dose’s New Video Featuring Ryan Rullman

It’s an old-school Cali video for modern times

We’ve always got video recommendations for you skateboard fans. There’s just so much cool content out there. However, Dose does not merely curate content. We also bring you our own videos, and we’re really excited for this one. It may be a new video, but it would feel right at home in the ‘90s. Aside from the technology, of course. And the fact it is on our YouTube channel. It’s time to check out Protect the MK1 starring Ryan Rullman.

If there is a message to this video, it’s about championing the MK1 fisheye lens, which has been used by people shooting skate videos forever. Rullman is not merely a skateboarder. He’s a visual artist and, as you can see, doesn’t just skate in videos. He’s also making his own footage and putting his own material together. Rullman is a walking one-man skate video, and also a proponent of the MK1.

What’s cool about this video is not only does it take you behind the scenes, but it just feels like an old-school skate video. Who doesn’t want to watch videos of dudes skating drainage ditches and reservoirs like they did back in the good ‘ol days? Also, is it annoying how much we’re propping up our own video? Sorry, but we dig it! We think you will too. Thanks to Rullman and everybody who was involved in the making of the latest’s from Dose. Check it out on our YouTube channel right here. And then watch the rest of our videos. In fact, you might as well subscribe and set up notifications now. Dose isn’t going anywhere.

Videographer: Dean Singleton 

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