Rubens Dos Santos Ruiz Brings the Chaos in New Video

Dirdam keeps things moving (and exciting)

Some skate videos are quite polished. A company is making a promotional video so they edit the part into perfection and we appreciate it. That’s filmmaking. However, skateboarding is also known for its anarchic, chaotic element. That’s the spirit you find in Rubens Dos Santos Ruiz’s new video Dirdam. Ruiz is from Madrid, and Dirdam is “Madrid” backwards. The video is about skating and friends hanging out and having a wild and fun time. Ruiz got several of his buddies, including Josh Chavez, Javi Fioretto, Tabo Löchelt, and Jordan Sharkey. They don’t just stay in Madrid either. Ruiz and company also stopped in Valencia, London, and Berlin. This definitely isn’t a video that’s polished to the bone. Check out the madness of Madrid – and Dirdam – above.

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