Roar Kolnes Presents "Midsommer"

Let's go to Norway

Here at Dose Skateboarding, we’re committed to supporting and showcasing the finest skaters across the globe, regardless of their following, sponsors, or how many times they’ve competed in SLS. We’re truly dedicated to seeking out and supporting awesome skaters who you may not have heard of, and our mission to do exactly this has led us to Roar Kolnes.

Kolnes comes from Norway, and for his latest part “Midsommer”, we’re taken on a journey through the West Coast, giving us our very own tour of the best street spots around. We’re glad we came across Kolnes, there’s something addictive to watch about his super smooth and floaty style put to test on a street setting - and his bigspins are great, like really great. Combine this with some rad illustrations and a very catchy song, and you get a pretty impressive video part! 

Check it out in the video above, and be sure to drop Kolnes a follow on Insta if you like what you see, let’s support some rad skaters.


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